AD Series Support Services

We believe that for a for a hassle-free deployment and a successful campaign, you need more than just a display. We know from our experience of delivering to retail customers all over the world that getting the details right is what makes the difference and as such, many of the items below are a standard part of our delivery.

We will support you to make sure your content is in the optimum format for high performance playback.

We can pre-load SD cards/internal storage with your content making your displays ready to use out of the box. If different content sets are required for different territories we will take care of this too. We can also provide content re-freshes, despatching updated content to your retail sites or central distribution point

Plug & leads
Different areas of the world have different power and plug requirements. We will ensure that your displays are provided with power supplies appropriate for their end market that meet all required local compliance standards.

You may have particular cabling requirements - a wall mounted power supply, a longer lead length or a need to combine other items into a single power supply. We will consult with you on all of these points to ensure you have exactly what you require.

We support shipping to multiple destinations worldwide with split delivery if required. Often this means consignments with different plugs, different content and different power requirements. We take care of all of this.

We manufacture our products in mainland China and ship by sea freight as standard. We can also arrange air freight and sea/air mix.

You can also arrange shipping with your own carrier if you prefer using our FOB Hong Kong rates.

We deliver certifications for EC, FCC, RoHs, EMc, ETL/UL along with mains power conformance and can ensure that approvals cover the countries where you operate. Compliance certificates are always available.

Our power supplies conform to higher compliance levels as standard but we are happy to provide non-rated items in territories that do not require them.

Many of our bigger customers need product boxes labelled and encoded appropriately for their logistics and distribution systems. We often add EAN/IAN numbers to our labelling. As long as data is available at the point of manufacture, we are happy to support customers with these requirements.


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