AD Series Shelf-Edge Solutions

We have many years experience delivering shelf-edge digital display solutions to customers all over the world and meeting a very wide range of requirements from standard to highly customised. Using our extensive experience and feedback from our customers, we have developed a range of solutions so you can deploy digital displays into your retail environment simply and effectively.

Simple shelf edge
Our simplest solution delivers displays that are ready to use and ready to mount into onto your existing retail shelving.

  • Fully framed and tamper-proof displays, mains or battery driven
  • Your content pre-loaded and ready to play
  • Fixings to support most common shelf schemes
  • Clamp, bolt or magnetic universal shelf mounts
  • 7" and 10" displays with optional buttons, movement sensor & touchscreen

Peg wall, slat wall & racking
We understand your products are not necessarily on shelves!

  • We deliver fittings that make it easy to mount your displays onto peg walls, slat walls or racking slots
  • Deploy your displays back to the wall or extended with tilt options giving the best positioning to grab your customer's attention
  • FSDU toppers - easy to deploy and highly effective
  • Battery or mains driven, optional buttons, movement sensor & touchscreen

Simple POS units & dispensers
Sometimes a portable unit that can be moved around store is ideal. AD Series has developed a range of simple POS units with built-in displays

  • Available with fully integrated 7" or 4.3" displayer
  • Mains or battery powered
  • Optional product dispenser arm

Branded displays
Our range of cardboard frames and surrounds deliver eye-catching branding and can be re-designed and re-used for your next promotion. Most surrounds are fitted onto standard framed displays

  • Highly cost-effective way of customising your displays
  • Simple magnetic or clip fixings

Our displays have a number of built-in security features including card door locks and codes to prevent unauthorised content being loaded. For environments that need additional security levels we can provide locking mounts, security tethers and custom security solutions

Custom POS
AD Series displays have been built into POS structures of many shapes and sizes, some designed and delivered by us, others where we have worked with a customer's POS provider

  • AD Series range of Open Frame displays have been purpose-built for integration of this sort
  • A range of display weights and highly flexible power and accessory options for simpler integration
  • Highly flexible range of fixing options

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Our experience delivering to retail customers all over the world means you can count on us