Audio & Media Players

Hifi audio player with USB function ADASMP001

Commercial grade black metal housing; internal/SD card memory; autoplay on power up; wake function

Audio optical switch

Four way Audio optical switch / splitter with Toslink (one input, 4 outputs). Supports 4 illuminated buttons; function can changed per port; supports daisy chaining.

HD media player ADHDMP002

Commercial grade metal housing, 1080p full HD; autolplay on power on; wake function, dual optical output & push button

Dual core Android player ADHDMP013

ommercial grade metal housing, dual core 1080p full HD; Android 4.4; HDMI; single optical output. 6 button connections; RJ45; USB; SD card

Quad core UHD Android/Linux player AD4KP004

Commercial grade metal housing,; quad core 2160p full UHD; RK3288 Android 4.4;/Linux engine

64-bit quad core UHD Android player ADUDMP113

Commercial grade metal housing,; Amlogic 5905 quad core 2160p full UHD; H.265 4K@60fps Android 4.4 engine