Mini shelf edge display

Open Frame displays

High volume, low-cost MINIs for POS integration

  • 2.4", 2.8", 3.5" & 4.3" Open Frame LCD displayers
  • Mains or battery playback of looped video
  • Can be mounted landscape or portrait
  • Perfect for mounting in cardboard and other POS
  • CE, FCC & RoHS compliant
  • Battery power ideal for short term `disposable` applications such as greetings cards

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Open Frame Mini displays for shelf-edge POS integration, card applications, luxury packaging, training aids, holiday brochures, product demos, trade presenters and more. Mains powered for continual play or battery powered for short term 'disposable' applications, MINIs are low cost, lightweight and highly effective

Displays are delivered in metal, Open Frame housing which contains the LCD panel and electronic components. This allows for easy mounting and integration and provides neat cable management.

The displays feature SD card memory, speaker connection for connection to optional external speakers and mains and battery power providing up to 40 hours of playback.

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