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Using battery power for small displays is brilliant - installation is quick and hassle-free and it opens up new areas of the store for powerful digital promotions. However, using batteries with displays designed and configured only for use with Mains power can bring disappointing results, with limited battery life and sluggish performance.

To achieve startlingly effective performance from your battery-powered promotions, AD Series has developed Clever Play. Exclusive to AD Series, Clever Play combines the latest in power management techniques with the use of interactive features to drive displays that deliver effective content where and when you need it.

The aim for most battery-driven promotions is to balance effectiveness with battery life. This is where Clever Play becomes highly effective. We use the latest in intelligent power management techniques to maximise availability whilst conserving power.

Many deployments of displays are a mix of mains and battery power. Clever Play auto-detects battery or mains usage delivering seamless performance across all your power environments. Installers and store staff don't have to change settings or manually switch the display from one mode to another. Very clever!

Clever Play enables displays to boot up instantly every time they are activated, delivering your message immediately and effectively. Many displays on the market take several seconds to power on leaving customers seeing the `power up' screen and most likely moving on to a more compelling promotion.

Without Clever Play, high footfall and busy areas will cause multiple activations of motion sensor or button playing your content continually but with minimal benefit and exhausting your batteries quickly. Clever Play has a customisable playback profile which is configured to limit and regulate the number of times content playback will occur within certain time parameters. Your customers get the message you want to deliver whilst Clever Play controls content playback and battery usage

Playing content when your customers are not present to view it is a waste of battery power. Clever Play uses interactive features such as PIR motion sensor, buttons and touchscreen to control the delivery of content. AD Series displays use an ultra-low power `sleep' when no customer is close and a motion sensor to trigger playback when motion is detected. Buttons and touchscreens can be used to regulate and control further content delivery

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